How to make UIScrollView and Autolayout work like charm

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The aim is to place a lot of complex objects (with dynamic content, such as UILabel or UITextView) in the view of UIScrollView and make it work after changing the orientation of the device with Autolayout. What cant be difficult with UIScrollView and Autolayout? Lets see…

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AKImageCropper – Swift image cropper

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Image cropping plugin for iOS devices with support for landscape and portrait orientation. Cropper view allows to specify the location and size of the crop rectangle. Easy to set up. Has many settings for flexible integration into your project. The plugin is written in Swift.

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Rectangle manipulations. Center. Fit. Fill.

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Center methods returns and sets origin coordinates, which place rectangle in center another rectangle. Fit and Fill methods returns scale value, to fit or fill the content size of rectangle to the another content size of rectangle, by maintaining the aspect ratio.

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